‘Yellowstone’ Final Episodes Move to November 2024, Spinoffs ‘1944’ and ‘2024’ Ordered

The final episodes of the popular series "Yellowstone" are now set to air in November 2024, along with the announcement of two new spinoff series. The spinoff shows, titled "1944" and "2024," are being produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, just like the flagship show. In May, it was revealed that the hit series "Yellowstone," created by Taylor Sheridan, would be concluding with its fifth season. The fifth season was originally planned to be split into two parts, with the first eight episodes airing from November 2022 to January 2023.

However, production for the show has been halted due to the writers' strike and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

The writers' strike was resolved in September, but the actors' strike still continues. President and CEO of Showtime & MTV Entertainment Studios, Chris McCarthy, expressed his excitement about the success of "Yellowstone" and its growing fan base. He mentioned the planned spinoffs, "1944" and "2024," and promised that they would provide audiences with thrilling and unexpected storytelling. There were reports in December that Kevin Costner, who stars in "Yellowstone," would be leaving the series in Season 5. It was rumored that this decision was influenced by his focus on the upcoming Western feature film "Horizon.
" The first part of the film is scheduled to be released in June 2024, followed by the second part in August.

"Yellowstone" follows the Dutton family and their ranch in Montana and has become one of the most popular shows on television. The first half of Season 5 received a staggering 17 million viewers upon its premiere. "1944" is the latest prequel in the "Yellowstone" franchise created by Taylor Sheridan. He has previously launched prequels titled "1883" and "1923" on Paramount+. These prequels explore the lives of the Duttons in the respective years. There are no plot details available for "2024" at the moment, but it is expected to air after "Yellowstone" concludes.

It will feature new cast members, locations, and some crossover characters. Paramount had already announced a new contemporary series set in the "Yellowstone" world before the news of the flagship show's ending.

The series was originally supposed to air in December of this year, and there were previous reports of Matthew McConaughey being in talks to star in it. Taylor Sheridan also has other shows in development at Paramount+, including "Mayor of Kingstown," "Tulsa King," "Special Ops: Lioness," "Land Man," and "Lawmen: Bass Reeves." "Yellowstone" was co-created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, with numerous executive producers involved.

MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios are producing both "Yellowstone" and the new spinoff series. CEO of 101 Studios, David Glasser, expressed excitement about the success of "Yellowstone" and the opportunity to bring the spinoffs to audiences worldwide. He mentioned the exhilarating journey with their partners at MTV Entertainment Studios and their anticipation for the release of "1944" and "2024."

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