1923 season 2 potential release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know about the Yellowstone prequel!

1923 season 2 potential release date: When's it on?

1923 fans are in for a treat. Paramount+ has already confirmed that the Dutton origin story will be getting a second season.

The prequel received the renewal news in February 2023 following a record-breaking first season, which saw the show become one of the most-watched premieres on cable in the US in 2022.

The first season of 1923 landed in December 2022, so fans might have been wondering whether they'd be getting a new season by the end of the year.

Sadly, this is looking more and more unlikely as 1923 season two is now officially delayed as a result of the ongoing Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Writers Guild of America (WGA) strikes in Hollywood.

In June 2023, it was confirmed that production of the Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-led show, which had been due to start in Montana, had been paused indefinitely.

Even more disappointingly, the stars of the show wouldn't bank on there being another season to follow the second.

When asked whether (initially a limited series) could go on further than season two Brandon Sklenar told : "No, it's bookended.

It's still 'limited,' I still kind of think of it as one piece. There's just a split in the middle but it's all one piece. It will conclude at the end of that."

Cara Dutton actress Helen Mirren added: "I like things to have a beginning, middle and end and endings are always very difficult.

"Shakespeare could never do an ending, so I love it when you have the satisfaction of the whole journey and then it's over [as opposed to it] dribbling on and on."

It's impossible to tell at this stage how long viewers will have to wait for season two to be ready to make its debut into the world, but make sure to check back here for all the latest updates.

Luckily for fans,  is just a part of the burgeoning  collection which includes  and  (still in development) but if you're all caught up with what's out there viewers can look forward to another instalment coming later this year.

The 1883 spinoff The Bass Reeves Story is set to arrive on November 5 and has been pegged as the first of an anthology series that will follow the lawman's journey on the road to becoming the renowned hero, whilst also delving into the story of other historical figures.

Paramount+ has already released the first-look images and a teaser trailer to keep your 1923 appetite at bay while you wait for more news on its release.

1923 season 2 cast: Who will be coming back?

Not everyone made it out of season one of 1923 alive. During his scuffle with Spencer and Alexandra, Arthur Jr (Alexandra's former fiancé and the son of the Earl of Sussex), was tossed over the rails into the sea, where he met a watery death.

Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer, has pegged Arthur's death as accidental, telling USA Today: "It was kind of a reactionary move, the guy was coming at him with a gun. It happened. [Spencer] didn't consciously mean to kill him."

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