7 Burning Questions 1923 Season 2 Needs To Answer

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the season one finale of the Paramount+ drama series "1923."

The season one finale of the "Yellowstone" prequel, "1923," left fans with several unanswered questions. Here, we will outline some of the burning questions that we hope to see resolved in the upcoming second season.

First and foremost, how will the Duttons manage to pay off their debt to Whitfield? In the finale, Donald Whitfield presented a document showing that he had purchased the lien on the Yellowstone ranch. This means that Jacob's debts now belong to Whitfield, and if they are not repaid by the end of the year, he will take ownership of the ranch.

With no money coming in, it remains a mystery how the Duttons plan to pay off this debt.

Another question revolves around Alex's possible pregnancy. In the finale, Alex suddenly falls ill on a ship, claiming it is motion sickness. However, given her previous travels without issue, some viewers suspect she may actually be pregnant. A subtle moment where she rests her hand on her midriff further fuels this theory. Additionally, Alex declares that she is starting her own family, leading to speculation about a potential pregnancy.

The revelation that Alex comes from a prominent British family raises the question of how this will impact her relationship with Spencer.

Spencer learns that his wife is a countess and moves in circles with the British king. This newfound knowledge could further complicate their already conflicted relationship. Spencer has struggled with feeling responsible for putting Alex in danger, and the realization that they come from different worlds may strengthen his belief that they should not be together.

The tragedy of Jack and Elizabeth's miscarriage and potential fertility issues also leaves fans wondering what will happen next for them. Jack's nephew and his wife discovered that Elizabeth had miscarried their baby, possibly due to complications from a gunshot wound she sustained earlier.

Actor Darren Mann suggests that this turn of events could lead to a storyline where they try to start a family with difficulties, mirroring Jacob and Cara's journey.

The fate of Zane Davis and his family is yet another unanswered question. Following the revelation that Zane's marriage to Alice is against the law due to anti-miscegenation laws, Alice is taken to jail, leaving Zane and their children torn apart. Viewers hope to see the family reunited in the second season and explore Alice's character further.

The storyline of Teonna Rainwater, a Native American teen, has captivated audiences throughout the first season.

However, there has been no clarity on how her story connects to the Duttons besides sharing a surname with Thomas Rainwater, the chief of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation in "Yellowstone." Teonna's journey to escape a residential boarding school and seek refuge on a Comanche reservation brings her closer to Montana, where her storyline may intersect with the Duttons.

Lastly, the question of who the grandparents of John Dutton III, the current custodian of the ranch in "Yellowstone," are lingers. The relationship between the Duttons in "1923" and the modern-day family remains a mystery. The cast themselves are unsure, with actor Brandon Sklenar stating that even he has gone back and forth on which branch of the family tree will be the direct ancestor.

As a result, viewers are kept in suspense, as show creator Taylor Sheridan may take them down an unexpected path.

In conclusion, fans eagerly anticipate the second season of "1923" to find answers to these burning questions. The unresolved plotlines leave room for exciting developments and surprises, ensuring that viewers will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

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