Jennifer Aniston Shares One of the Last Messages She Received from Matthew Perry: 'This One Cuts Deep'!

Jennifer Aniston has spoken out about the loss of her dear friend and longtime co-star, Matthew Perry, following his tragic death from an apparent drowning on October 28th. Taking to Instagram, Aniston shared a heartfelt tribute to Perry, featuring a photo of the two of them on set together, along with a touching text exchange, and a scene from the Friends series finale in 2004, where their characters, Rachel Green and Chandler Bing, expressed their love for each other.

In her tribute, Aniston expressed the depth of her emotions, saying, "Oh boy, this one has cut deep... Having to say goodbye to our Matty has been an insane wave of emotions that I've never experienced before.

" She went on to talk about the loss we all face at some point in life and how allowing oneself to grieve fully can bring moments of joy and gratitude for having loved someone so deeply.

Aniston also highlighted the special bond they all shared as the cast of Friends, referring to it as a chosen family that forever altered their lives. She emphasized Perry's love for making people laugh and how he succeeded in doing so, bringing laughter and happiness to their lives.

The actress revealed that she has been looking back on their text conversations, finding solace in their shared moments of laughter and tears.

She shared a text from Perry where he expressed his love for her and how he is now at peace.

Aniston and Perry had been friends since their time on Friends, with Perry publicly acknowledging Aniston's constant support and presence in his life. In his memoir, Perry revealed that Aniston was the one who confronted him about his addiction issues, describing it as a scary but pivotal moment.

The Friends cast has always had a strong bond, especially during Perry's battle with addiction. Perry himself spoke about the cast members' importance in his recovery journey, describing their support as propelling him forward until he could stand on his own.

Aniston echoed Perry's sentiments during the Friends reunion special, describing the cast as a family who will always have each other's backs. She emphasized their enduring bond and the deep connection they share.

In celebrating Matthew Perry's life and humor, PEOPLE's special edition issue pays tribute to the beloved actor and the show that made him a household name. Perry, in his interview with PEOPLE, expressed his gratitude for the understanding and patience of his castmates as he navigated his recovery and sobriety, comparing their support to penguins rallying around an injured member until they could walk on their own.

In conclusion, Jennifer Aniston's heartfelt tribute to Matthew Perry serves as a poignant reminder of their deep friendship and the lasting impact Perry had on their lives. The bond shared by the Friends cast remains unbreakable, and they will continue to cherish the memories and support each other, both in times of joy and grief.

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