Matthew Perry's co-star says he had cheating episode cut from Friends

Matthew Perry's co-star has revealed the actor had a 'cheating episode' cut from Friends. 

The Friends star, who played Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom was supposed to be caught up in a scandal with his on screen wife, 's character Monica Geller, until he complained to the writers. 

Matthew, who died aged 54 after at his Los Angeles home on October 28, said that 'fan's would never have forgiven Chandler' has the scene aired.

Actress Lisa Cash, who starred as an extra in the series, has now been revealed that his character was meant to cheat on Monica during a trip to  in a 1999 episode titled The One in Vegas: Part 1.

Lisa was hired to play a hotel worker who brings room service to Chandler's room after he has a huge fight with Monica. 

Matthew Perry's co-star has revealed the actor had a 'cheating episode' cut from Friends (Matthew Perry pictured on Friends: The Reunion in 2021)

Speaking to she explained: 'The scene was Chandler and Monica were arguing In Vegas about Monica having lunch with [ex-boyfriend] Richard and in our script, Chandler goes up to the hotel room and orders room service and I bring it up as a hotel worker.


'And we end up talking and laughing and connecting and Chandler ends up cheating on Monica with my character.'

However, Matthew didn't feel comfortable with the storyline and he went to the writers and asked for it to be changed.

Lisa added: 'We had rehearsed it ... and the day before we were supposed to shoot it in front of a live audience, I was told that [Perry] went to the writers and said the fans will never forgive [Chandler] for cheating on Monica. He was probably right. That would have possibly changed the course of the show.'

The cheating scenes were removed from the script and Lisa's part was cut.

However, she was given the chance to appear in a different scene as a flight attendant with Ross and Rachel - played by David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston.

She also praised Perry for making her feel welcome and comfortable on set and insisted the writers made the correct decision by removing Chandler's cheating scene.

Perry famously starred as Chandler Bing in the popular sitcom, alongside Aniston as Rachel, Cox as Monica, LeBlanc as Joey, Kudrow as Phoebe and Schwimmer as Ross. 

Friends, which followed the lives of six friends in their 20s living in New York, was a smash hit across the globe when it aired between 1994 and 2004, and re-runs still remain hugely popular years later. 

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