10 Reasons John Dutton & the Yellowstone Ranch Belong in Wyoming

I absolutely agree with you! Kevin Costner's portrayal of John Dutton in Paramount's 'Yellowstone' series is undeniably one of his greatest roles. John Dutton encompasses the ruggedness and toughness of characters like Walt Longmire, Walker Texas Ranger, and Big Jake, creating a perfect cowboy persona.

While it's a shame that the magnificent Yellowstone Ranch is located in Montana due to film incentives, I personally believe that the ranch truly belongs in Wyoming, the Cowboy State. Here are a few reasons why:

Wyoming is home to most of Yellowstone National Park. If you're naming your ranch 'Yellowstone,' it should be in the state that houses the majority of the national park.

Montana has only 3% of Yellowstone National Park within its borders, while Wyoming holds the rest.

There are far fewer people in Wyoming, and John Dutton himself is not a fan of crowds. Wyoming provides ample opportunities to escape into nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, with its vast open spaces and areas with no cell service.

Wyomingites share John's sentiments towards tourists. Just like John, Wyoming residents have strong feelings about tourists disrespecting the land and trespassing. Both John and the people of Wyoming appreciate the beauty and sanctity of their surroundings.

John Dutton embodies the Code of the West, which Wyomingites hold dear. John's character is a man of honor, bravery, and determination, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the Code of the West.

Wyoming doesn't have big cities, and John is not a fan of urban areas. The lack of big cities in Wyoming means fewer distractions from the natural beauty that surrounds the state. Cheyenne, Wyoming's capital, is relatively small compared to cities in Montana.

John firmly believes in earning his way, just like the hardworking people of Wyoming. Wyoming is known for its diligent work ethic and John's character resonates with the state's values.

John is tough as nails and he would thrive in the rugged wilderness of Wyoming. He has faced numerous challenges and survived both physical and emotional turmoil, showcasing his resilience.

John Dutton would undoubtedly look great in University of Wyoming's Pokes gear. The colors of the Yellowstone Ranch would perfectly match the university's gear, adding to John's cowboy aesthetic.

John is confident, bold, and willing to stand up to powerful people. Wyoming is no stranger to standing up for its rights when necessary, as seen in its willingness to take on Washington D.C. with lawsuits. John would surely appreciate the state's defiance in the face of power.

Overall, Wyoming is the ideal location for John Dutton and the Yellowstone Ranch. The state's natural beauty, its people, and its values align perfectly with the character and spirit of John Dutton.

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