Yellowstone Scenes That Didn’t Age Well At All

"Yellowstone" is a TV show that follows the Dutton family as they protect their ranch from anyone who crosses their path. The show is known for its gritty and violent nature, but some scenes have not aged well. One scene that has received criticism is when Rip recruits Avery at a strip club. This scene perpetuates the objectification of women and sets up Avery as a target for future predatory behavior. Another uncomfortable scene is when Beth is violently attacked at her office. While it demonstrates the show's willingness to "go there," it also sets a troubling precedent for violence against women.

Rip beating up Lloyd is another scene that didn't age well. While violence towards men is less common on the show, the brutality of this fight raises questions about Rip's character development. Monica's encounter with a predator is also difficult to watch. While the show's intention to shed light on important issues is admirable, the scene reinforces the idea that women have to relive their trauma for the greater good. Donnie's death is a shock to viewers and is accompanied by painful moments that some find unnecessary. Teal's death is another uncomfortable moment in the show. While Teal brings some of his misery upon himself, the scene seems to go too far in humiliating him.
The flashback that reveals why Beth hates Jamie is also controversial. The storyline involving pregnancy and abortion is contentious, and some viewers find it outright insulting. The scene of John putting down his horse is another uncomfortable moment for animal lovers. The show has had to clarify that no animals were harmed in the making of the show, but this scene still upset many viewers. Rip taking back the brand is another scene that pushes the boundaries. The graphic violence and intense depiction of the brand removal leave many viewers uncomfortable. Jamie killing Sarah is a disturbing scene that portrays a troubling act of violence.
The choice to try and portray Jamie as a good guy through his words makes the scene even more unsettling. The hit against the Duttons is a scene filled with gratuitous deaths. The unnecessary loss of innocent characters, particularly women, reinforces the show's problematic relationship with extreme violence against women. Lastly, a flashback to Rip's childhood shows him engaging in toxic behavior that mirrors what he has grown up around. This reinforcement of toxic masculinity is not likely to age well. Overall, these scenes in "Yellowstone" highlight the show's willingness to push boundaries, but they also raise concerns about the portrayal of violence, especially towards women.

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