TWD’s Spinoffs Can Explain Virgil’s Confusing S11 Return
The decision to bring back Virgil in The Walking Dead's final season has raised questions about his purpose since he was only featured in one episode and disappeared for the rest of the season. However, it's possible that his inclusion was not for season 11's story but rather for a role in one of the show's spinoffs. With all three spinoffs requiring their own supporting casts, Virgil could be a good candidate due to his lack of fully developed backstory, providing a mostly clean slate for the spinoff to work with. If he were to join any of the spinoffs, The Walking Dead: Dead City would be the easiest path, considering his potential location in the Hilltop community. Alternatively, opportunities exist for Virgil to continue his story in Daryl Dixon or Rick and Michonne's untitled spinoff.
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