The Walking Dead: A Netflix Viewer Hit! Unveiling its Rank in the Latest Viewership Report

Netflix has unveiled its first-ever "What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report," providing a comprehensive look at viewership on the platform. The report, which will be released every six months, includes detailed breakdowns of viewership for various shows and movies.

One highlight from the report is the impressive viewership numbers for AMC's "The Walking Dead," despite the show not being available globally on Netflix. Each season of the series is ranked based on hours viewed, premiere date, and global availability. Interestingly, Netflix is currently the only streaming platform where viewers can access all eleven seasons of the show.

The report includes information on over 18,000 titles, making it one of the most extensive analyses of viewership by any streaming platform, rivaled only by YouTube. Netflix's new report goes beyond the traditional "Top 10" lists, providing a broader picture of viewership trends.

The numbers for "The Walking Dead" are quite significant. The final season, Season 11, has garnered a whopping 136.8 million hours viewed, solidifying its position as the most-watched season. Other notable seasons include Season 10 with 72.2 million hours viewed, Season 3 with 71.6 million hours viewed, and Season 2 with 67.

7 million hours viewed.

While the success of a title on Netflix is primarily measured by hours viewed, the platform also considers factors like audience satisfaction and the economic impact of a show. It's worth noting that Season 1 of "The Walking Dead," which is often regarded as a fan favorite, surprisingly had fewer views compared to other seasons. This could potentially be attributed to the season's shorter length of only six episodes.

Overall, Netflix's first engagement report offers valuable insights into viewership trends and sheds light on the popularity of shows like "The Walking Dead." The report not only highlights how many hours viewers spend watching a particular title but also takes into account audience response and economic factors. With its comprehensive approach, Netflix is setting a new standard in providing transparency around viewership data.

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