The Walking Dead Shines as a Top Contender in the 2023 FanSided’s Fandoms of the Year, Captivating Fans Worldwide!

Fansided celebrates fan culture with its annual list of the best fandoms, bringing together readers and writers to honor the teams, players, movies, shows, and more that made an impact in the past year. The Walking Dead, a popular TV series, made the 2023 Fandoms of the Year list.

Although the flagship series ended in November 2022, fans of The Walking Dead were unsure if the new spinoffs could satisfy their need for more content. AMC's announcement that the eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead would be its last disappointed many viewers. In November 2023, almost a year after the TWD series finale, Fear TWD aired its final episode.

However, this year AMC premiered two new spinoffs: The Walking Dead: Dead City and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. Both series continued the stories of beloved characters from the main series. Dead City focused on Maggie and Negan fighting zombies in Manhattan, while Daryl Dixon embarked on a journey to France. Both spinoffs have been renewed for a second season.

In 2024, fans can look forward to The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, which will bring back Rick and Michonne and continue their epic love story.

Congratulations to The Walking Dead fandom for once again being recognized as one of the best fandoms of the year by FanSided.

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