Jesse Stone No Remorse: 10 Tom Selleck Roles You Forgot About !

Tom Selleck is best known for two things: his iconic mustache and his role as the private investigator Thomas Magnum in the '80s hit TV show Magnum P.I. (1980-1989). Lately, he has had a great run as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in the CBS series Blue Bloods (2010-present).

Selleck served in the US military briefly before moving on to acting. Interestingly, he was the first choice actor to play Indiana Jones but couldn't because he had already accepted the role of Thomas Magnum. Here are some of his other roles that you might have forgotten about.

Mr. Kornfeldt: Killers (2010)

In the action comedy film, a lady named Jen (Katherine Heigl) goes to Nice, France after breaking up with her boyfriend. There she meets a man named Spencer⁠—played by Ashton Kutcher⁠—who she goes on a date with. It turns out that Spencer is an assassin.

Tom Selleck plays Jen's father Mr. Kornfeldt in the movie. He accompanies Jen to France and throughout the trip, he constantly has doubts about Spencer. Mr. Kornfeldt is later revealed to be a former operative. Even more interesting is that is the man Spencer was sent to kill.

Patrick O'Malley: High Road to China (1983)

In High Road to China, the father of a spoiled heiress disappears in Asia during WWI.

The heiress knows that if her father is not found, she might not get her inheritance. She thus dedicates most of her time into trying to locate him.

Seeking the best men, she hires an alcoholic pilot named Patrick O'Malley (Tom Selleck) to help. Patrick's job isn't easy since the heiress chooses to accompany him in the mission, leading to many arguments. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by John Clearly.

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