Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Release Date Confirmed For 2024!

After much anticipation, finallysets a release date for the second half of season 5. The first half of the Western's final season originally began in November 2022. season 5 was aired for eight episodes before halting for a mid-season break, whose return has since been quite delayed due to behind-the-scenes conflicts between leading star Kevin Costner and show creator Taylor Sheridan and the Hollywood dual strikes.

As per , has set a release date for the final episodes that will conclude season 5. , is now set to premiere in November 2024.

's conclusionhad originally been slated for this past summer before being pushed to November of this year.

The new release date means part 2 has been delayed for over a year.

Why Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 Has Been Delayed For So Long

The November 2024 release window positions season 5, part 2, a full year from its original timeline. This schedule was not in the plan for , but the reported conflict between Costner and Sheridan and Costner leaving the show led to uncertainty about the future. The issue allegedly stemmed from Costner's scheduling disagreements as the actor was also working on his passion project, , a four-part Western epic, with the first two chapters slated for next summer.

In September of this year, Costner explained the behind-the-scenes problems, revealing creative differences and an unsatisfactory offer in which he would receive ""

The delay was lengthened when the WGA and subsequent SAG-AFTRA strikes halted production on ’s final episodes. Since then, the WGA strike has been resolved in October of this year. With SAG-AFTRA allegedly in final negotiations with the AMPTP, will hopefully be able to continue filming in due time and stay on pace for November 2024.

With now aiming for the November 2024 premiere date, this will mark a long gap between season 5. However,

the Western show made good use of the inter-season caesura. Earlier this year, CBS aired re-runs of episodes starting with season 1. Thebroadcast was incredibly successful, with a 132% increase in viewership over its initial debut. Considering the interest in is very evident, audiences will patiently wait for season 5's final episodes, with a one-year countdown now starting.

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