A Cat Gives Birth, But The Vets Noticed Something Strange With Her Babies

Cats are usually considered less friendly than their canine counterparts and media, to some extent, is to blame. After all, memes and jokes about cats do portray them as somewhat selfish animals who love to be pampered around the clock. But that's really not the case. Owning a cat comes with a lot of benefits including better sleep, less anxiety, lower risk of heart diseases, and much more. Ask a cat lover, and they'll tell you all you need to know about these misunderstood creatures. Since this article is about Musya the cat, here's an interesting fact – one cat year is equivalent to 15 human years!

One cold winter morning Alice, who works as a zoo-keeper for Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, southeastern Russia, was returning to work when she heard a kitten crying for help. After searching the area she came across a tiny, nearly frozen kitten, barely clinging on to life. She immediately stuffed the little fuzzball inside her jacket to keep her warm and took her straight to the vets in order to nurse her back to health. The kitten, who Alice named Musya, was so tiny and weak, she was literally the size of Alice's palm.

The vets weren't sure if Musya would survive the night because she was severely underweight, but the tiny furball shocked everyone.

Not only did she survive, but she also started running around inside the office to burn off extra energy! As she got stronger, occasionally she would be seen perched on the window, looking at the world outside, longing to explore areas beyond the locked office, areas she had never seen before. But it was dangerous for she was in a zoo filled with wild animals. The zoo staff knew she could never survive on her own outside because aside from wild animals there was nothing but highways and parked cars outside Musya's current home – the locked office.

Then after one year, Musya managed to squeeze through the door accidentally left open by Alice.

For two long days, Alice searched around the zoo, looking for Musya, but in vain. Everyone at the zoo began losing hope and thought they would never see their beloved cat ever again, but little did they know that wasn't true! Musya eventually returned home, but Alice realized there was something different about her once-energetic cat. Musya preferred to laze around instead of jumping about, she was lethargic and cranky.

Something was different about Musya, but no one was prepared for what was about to happen. One fine day, Musya disappeared once again, but this time Alice wasn't worried – she knew Musya would return, just like she did before.

But as days passed Alice became worried so she decided to look for her beloved cat, despite heavy rains and thunder. She grabbed a flashlight and out she went under heavy rains to look for Musya and that's when she heard her cries. After locating her she realized that Musya wasn't alone, she had just given birth to four kittens and on that same day, she became a mommy to eight baby hedgehogs! Musya had adopted all the eight baby hedgehogs who desperately needed milk and affection after their mother was killed by a lawnmower just two days after they were born.

Alice quickly picked them up and took them to the vet. Afraid that the baby hedgehogs may accidentally prick Musya or her kittens, the vet separated them into two boxes, but just minutes later Musya shocked them all. She picked up her kittens one-by-one and placed them in the other box with the baby hedgehogs! After she had moved all her kittens over to the hedgehog babies, she proudly sat down and let her 12 babies cuddle up to her! The vets tried to bottlefeed the baby hedgehogs but after hours of refusal, they decided to let Musya take over. In case you were wondering, Musya nurses her kittens and her baby hedgehogs and they all live in perfect harmony!

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