Jennifer Aniston's Mom Nancy Dow Did Some Truly Unforgivable Things To Her But Did They Make Peace Before Her Death?

Why Was Jennifer Aniston Estranged From Her Mother For Fifteen Years

When someone enjoys the level of success that Jennifer Aniston achieved in her life, it can be common for people to think they lead practically perfect lives. While there is no doubt that people like Jennifer have gotten lucky in a lot of ways, that doesn't mean they have always been fortunate.

One example of a way that Jennifer Aniston wasn't fortunate is the nature of her relationship with her mom. Of course, lots of people have arguments with their parents but according to reports, Jennifer and her mom Nancy Dow were estranged for approximately fifteen years.

As everyone should already know, human relationships can be extremely complicated. With that in mind, it seems naive to think that it is simple to explain why Jennifer and Nancy's relationship was strained for so long. That said, there are some headlines about what went wrong between the mother and daughter.

In the past, Jennifer has spoken about how toxic her parents' relationship was when she was growing up. As tough as that could be, it was traumatic for Jennifer when her parents divorced since as she explained to Esquire in 2007.

"When I was about nine, I came home from a friend's party and my dad wasn't there. Divorce happens in a lot of families, and I don't want to break out the violins. But that was that."

As hard as it clearly was on Jennifer to have her father suddenly gone like that, that was made all the worse by how critical her mom was of her looks growing up as Aniston told Elle in 2018.

"She was from this world of, ‘Honey, take better care of yourself,’ or ‘Honey, put your face on,’ or all of those odd sound bites that I can remember from my childhood.”

No wonder Jennifer told Today that she couldn't wait to get out of her mother's house. “My house was not a fun house to live in. I was thrilled to get out.” Even though her relationship with her mom was difficult during her childhood, it wasn't until later in life that they became estranged.

In an ideal world, Jennifer and her mom would have been able to become closer when the famous actor became an adult. Sadly, however, Jennifer and Nancy were not on speaking terms throughout much of Aniston's adult years. On top of that, their relationship became more strained after a pair of events.

According to InTouch, after Jennifer Aniston became famous in 1994, with the tabloid show Hard Copy in 1996. For understandable reasons, Jennifer was upset that her mom decided to talk to the press about their difficult relationship.

Still not through, in 1999 Nancy had a tell-all memoir titled "From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir" under her past married name, Nancy Aniston. Since it was abundantly clear that Jennifer was completely against that book being published, that only made her relationship with her mom worse.

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