Kevin Costner Money Revelations: Why Estranged Wife Is Asking for $248,000 Per Month in Child Support

During Kevin Costner's ongoing divorce from his estranged wife, Christine, details about his finances have emerged. According to court documents obtained by ET, Christine is seeking $248,000 per month in child support based on the family's income and expense report for 2022. Christine claims that Costner earned $19,517,064 in 2022, with family expenses totaling $6,645,285. After deducting expenses and taxes, the family's net income for the year was reported as $7,595,520.

A certified public accountant hired by Christine analyzed Costner's "gross cash flow available for child support" and determined that his average monthly cash flow is $1,536,808. The CPA calculated that the guideline child support due from Costner to Christine should be $152,681 per month. However, factoring in the children's accustomed standard of living, the CPA argues that the amount should be $248,000 per month.

Christine acknowledges their extraordinary lifestyle but emphasizes the need to maintain it for their children. She states in court documents that the amount required to sustain their current lifestyle is $332,264 per month, which represents 60% of the family's expenses.

Despite recognizing that the guideline child support would be $152,681 per month, Christine requests that the court order Costner to pay her $248,000 per month in child support. She explains that she has been willing to move out of the family home but cannot do so without financial support from Costner. Although he has continued to pay their expenses since their separation, she raises concerns about his future commitment to covering those expenses adequately.

The breakdown of Costner's 2022 income includes $10,200,000 from his production company, Tig Films Inc., a "Sub S Distribution" from Tig Films, Inc. worth $5,647,000, rental income of $2,312,458 from his Aspen ranch, $503,000 from renting out his Santa Barbara beach estate, $454,803 from inheritance, $200,000 from Territory Pictures Inc., $40,128 from social security, and $26,000 from Tig Productions, Inc.

The expense statement reveals significant items such as $3,665,459.99 in federal income tax, $718,320 in credit card bills, $1,178,147 in beach house costs, $1,171,699 in California income tax, $830,504 in gifts, $526,785 in Aspen ranch rent expenses, $36,465 in charitable contributions, $12,851 for a personal trainer, and $9,912 for dogs and pets.

However, it's worth noting that Costner's actual monthly cash flow could be higher since the analysis doesn't account for the business entities in which he and Christine have interests. Additionally, no tax returns, financial statements, or general ledgers for Costner's businesses have been provided to Christine's side. A hearing regarding Christine's child support request is scheduled for next month.

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