‘1923’ Season 2 Theory: Alex Is Already Pregnant With John Dutton II

 ended on a cliffhanger for Alex and Spencer. The couple were separated after a fight broke out onboard the RMS Mauretania, and Spencer accidentally killed Alex’s ex-fiance. The couple swore to meet each other in Bozeman, MT. However, the theory that Alex is already pregnant might complicate their journey. Additionally, season 2 could answer how .

Alex and Spencer are separated in the ‘1923’ finale

In the final episode of Season 1, Alex and Spencer boarded a ship on their . Unfortunately, it was the same ship as Alex’s ex-fiance Arthur, the Earl of Sussex. Spencer and Arthur duel, and when Arthur pulls a gun, Spencer unintentionally throws him overboard.

Luckily Alex’s friend Jennifer attests that Spencer acted in self-defense. He won’t be tried for murder, but he does have to  at the next port — and without his wife. Alex races to try to catch him, and when she can’t, yells for her husband to meet her in Bozeman, MT.

Alex Dutton may be pregnant at the start of ‘1923’ Season 2

Season 2 will likely kick off with Spencer and Alex’s quest to reunite, but something could complicate their journey. Based on several hints in the final episode of season 1, it seems like Alex might already be pregnant.

First, Alex suffers from motion sickness when she and Spencer first board their ocean liner. This does seem a little out of character for Alex, who evidently felt fine on the tiny tugboat they previously traveled on. Perhaps what Alex is really experiencing is morning sickness.

Additionally, Alex has a telling conversation when she reunites with Jennifer on their ship. “You must think of your family and your standing,” Jennifer says. “The only family I’m thinking of is the one I’m starting,” Alex replies.

It’s very possible that Alex already knows that she is pregnant. This could explain why she didn’t do anything drastic to reach Spencer when he was carried away by the dinghy. Still, Alex has a frightening journey ahead of her. In Season 2, she may be traveling pregnant and alone to a place she has never been before.

Is Alex the mother of John Dutton II?

In the season 1 finale, Jack and Elizabeth Dutton endured a tragedy. Elizabeth learned that she miscarried, and the show seemed to imply that she may be infertile after getting shot in the abdomen.

Many fans initially assumed that Kevin Costner’s John Dutton comes from Jack and Elizabeth’s line. However, it’s very possible that he is actually the grandson of Spencer and Alex Dutton. In Season 2, Alex may give birth to John Dutton II (played by Dabney Coleman in ), and if that’s the case, she’s likely already pregnant.

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