'9-1-1,' 'Blue Bloods' & More Shows That Should Do a Bottle Episode

Bottle episodes can end up being the best, most memorable installments of a series, allowing for a few or more characters to shine while sticking to (mostly) one location (and without fanfare or splash). (Take, for example, "The Box" on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with guest star Sterling K. Brown being interrogated by Andy Samberg's Jake Peralta and Andre Braugher's Raymond Holt.)

And so in looking ahead to the next seasons of our favorite shows (premiere dates for which remain up in the air due to the writers and actors strikes), we can't help but wonder which would do well to feature one (and how). Wouldn't it be fun to see the 118 at the firehouse for a shift that's actually quiet (meaning no one utters the dreaded word) on 9-1-1? Each Blue Bloods episode features a family dinner at Frank (Tom Selleck) and Henry's (Len Cariou), with a few scenes related to a family conflict occasionally taking place there as well, but what if that got flipped around a bit? FBI: Most Wanted is on the move a lot, but what if the agents just … weren't?

Scroll down as we take a look at the current shows we'd like to see feature a bottle episode.

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