“I Don’t Know What It Is, But It’s Cool”: 1923’s Helen Mirren Explains Her Magical Dynamic With Harrison Ford !

‘s Helen Mirren explains her magical dynamic with co-star Harrison Ford. The two acting legends lead the hit spinoff , respectively playing Cara and Jacob Dutton. The series, which serves as a sequel to , is bolstered by their presence and has become popular for Paramount+. The debut episode garnered 7.4 million viewers, in both linear and streaming, which made it Paramount+’s biggest debut ever. The spinoff was confirmed to return for more episodes to conclude the show, but season 2 has since been delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing writers’ strike for fair wages.

As part of a Drama Roundtable with several other potential Emmy nominees for the , Mirren discussed working with Ford in . The Oscar winner talked about working with Ford previously on another project and how they were able to pick up where they left off despite all the time that had passed. 

The Mosquito Coast: Mirren & Ford’s Other Collaboration

Before , Mirren and Ford worked together in the 1986 film . Based on the 1981 novel of the same name, the drama was directed by Johnny Weir and also starred Andre Gregory and River Phoenix. The film focuses on a family that leaves the United States in the hopes of finding a happier and simpler life in the jungles of Central America. The happiness they seek becomes a nightmare when the father’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive.

, which was adapted into a short-lived Apple TV+ drama, had a mixed legacy. When it first debuted, the drama garnered lackluster reviews, but since then, the movie has received a reassessment. Ford’s performance, which excels at the difficult balance of being unsettling without overplaying it, has been a specific source of praise. It ties into what Mirren mentions about her  co-star’s talents during the roundtable.

In interviews, Ford has spoken openly about what drew him to  . Paired with his more comedic role in , the legend’s move to the small screen has allowed him to dig into his protagonists in a patient and thoughtful way that most movies don’t have the bandwidth for. It’s likewise facilitated a fruitful reunion with Mirren, with the two showcasing material more removed from their previous tense dramatic scenes.

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