The Wаlkіng Deаd Chаrасter You Dіdn’t Know Jeffrey Deаn Morgаn’ѕ Son Plаyed
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is arguably the most iconic villain in AMC's "The Walking Dead." Negan makes a dramatic entrance in the Season 6 finale, executing Abraham and Glenn with his barbed wire baseball bat. Despite his horrific actions, Negan is later led down a path of redemption, spending seven years locked up and saving Judith in a snowstorm. Negan gains Alpha's trust as a Whisperer before killing her in Season 10. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's performance has won over fans, particularly in his backstory episode "Here's Negan," which introduces his wife Lucille, played by Morgan's real-life partner, Hilarie Burton-Morgan, and his son, Augustus, who appears in Season 11.

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