Rісk and Mісhonne Hаng From Burnіng Helісoрter and Fіght Wаlkerѕ іn Aweѕome Wаlkіng Deаd Art
An artist has created an action-packed poster imagining a scene from the upcoming Rick and Michonne-led The Walking Dead spinoff series. The currently untitled series was announced in July 2022, with filming underway since February 2023, and expected to release in 2024. Little is known about the plot, but set photos have shown Rick exploring a new community and reuniting with Michonne. Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) has also been confirmed to appear, potentially indicating appearances from other Walking Dead characters. The artwork shows Rick and Michonne hanging from a burning CRM helicopter over a horde of walkers and bears the title "The Walking Dead: Summit."

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