‘Yellowstone’ and the Sprawling Dutton Family Tree

In the popular Yellowstone franchise, new generations of the Dutton family are introduced with each new series. Creator Taylor Sheridan expanded the franchise by going back in time to explore elder generations of Duttons in the series 1883 and 1923.

The Dutton family tree has grown as the flagship series, Yellowstone, is currently airing its fifth and final season. 1883 followed James and Margaret Dutton on their journey to establish the Yellowstone ranch. In 1923, viewers met Jacob and Cara Dutton, who took over the ranch after James and Margaret's deaths. Understanding the family saga is crucial as revisiting the past helps to provide context to the present.

1883, set in 1883, introduced James and Margaret Dutton and their daughter Elsa, who narrated the series. It also explored the tragic deaths of James's sister Claire and her daughter Mary.

In 1923, Jacob and Cara Dutton were introduced, along with their son Spencer. The series centered around their attempts to raise another generation of Duttons. Jacob's brother, John Sr., and his wife Emma were also part of the storyline. Throughout the series, flashbacks revealed important events in the Dutton family's history. These flashbacks included the death of James, the introduction of Margaret, and the young John and Spencer.

In 1923, John Sr. died, shifting the focus to Spencer and his role in the future of the Yellowstone ranch. One key question that remains unanswered is who John Dutton's grandfather is.

Some viewers speculate that Spencer or Jack, a character introduced in 1923, could be his grandfather. However, creator Taylor Sheridan has not yet revealed this information, even to the cast. Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone, stated that he is waiting for Sheridan to reveal the truth. In the flagship series, Yellowstone, John Dutton III is the central character. After the deaths of his wife Evelyn and his oldest son Lee, John and his remaining children fight to protect their ranch.

Beth and Jamie Dutton, along with Kayce and Monica Dutton, are the remaining siblings. The ghost of Lee returns in season four to guide Kayce on a vision quest. The battle for the Yellowstone ranch primarily involves Jamie and Beth.

The youngest generation of Duttons is led by preteen Tate, the son of Kayce and Monica. Jamie's infant son with his ex, Christina, has not been prominently featured in the fifth season. Beth and Rip have essentially adopted teen cowboy Carter, despite him not being part of the Dutton bloodline. As Yellowstone continues to captivate viewers, the story of the Dutton family unfolds, revealing a complex and interconnected web of characters across different time periods.

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