Why Walking Dead Never Gave Maggie Another Love Interest After Glenn's Death!


Glenn's Death Is Still Maggie's Biggest Walking Dead Motivation

Glenn's death is still an essential part of emotional storytelling in making it almost impossible to introduce another potential love interest for Maggie. Bringing someone else into Maggie's life would defeat her purpose in , the latest spinoff that shows how Maggie cannot let go of the past, no matter how hard she tries. Working with Negan to save her son only brings back unpleasant memories of her deceased lover, making Glenn the key to her character development. Without Glenn as the motivator, Maggie wouldn't be the stubborn, ruthless, and somewhat cold character audiences know today.

However,comics hinted at Dante being a new love interest for Maggie, with there being less focus on Glenn's death. In the comics, Dante is a humorous, loyal young man who expresses his feelings toward Maggie, which are not reciprocated straight away. Maggie is unable to have another relationship because she's still mourning Glenn, but that doesn't stop her from sharing a few romantic moments with Dante. , eliminating the potential of a love interest.

Don't Expect The Walking Dead To Introduce Another Maggie Love Interest

isn't showing signs of giving Maggie a love interest anytime soon, and it will probably stay that way. It's been years since Glenn died at the hands of Negan, so if Maggie were to meet someone else, it would've already happened. Her character doesn't need new romance since she's focused on surviving in an increasingly dangerous world and raising her son, Hershel. Introducing another love interest would make Maggie's anger and emotional pain pointless leading up to and during .

Maggie is a leader who may not have time for relationships or feel comfortable forming bonds with new people. Her mission is to maintain a thriving community while dealing with outside threats that pose a risk to her home and resources. Even though Maggie deserves to be happy again after everything she's been through, it's too late to introduce a new character when she's still mourning Glenn and hating Negan for his crimes. Her future in should resemble a peaceful life with Hershel instead of non-stop violence and .

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