So Funny! Rachel's 10 Funniest Storylines In Friends Will Make You Laugh To Cry!

Jennifer Aniston is starring as Denise White in the forthcoming movie , a comedy about a woman who competed in Miss USA and is now working in the world of sports management. fans love that the actor continues to pick comedic parts as her portrayal of Rachel Green over 10 seasons of the sitcom proved her timing and talent.

Rachel may not always be happy or feel that she's on the right path, but no matter what, she has many hilarious experiences as she declares her love for Ross Geller, works in the field of fashion, and learns more about herself.

1. Rachel's Underwear Is Shown At Mindy And Barry's Wedding

It's hard for Rachel to attend Mindy Hunter and Barry Farber's wedding in season 2 and even worse to be Mindy's maid of honor. Rachel has an awkward moment when her dress catches and she shows the guests her underwear, which happens to orange.

While Rachel feels humiliated and so this scene isn't as funny as some others because fans sympathize with the character, it's still a funny moment as it doesn't seem possible for Rachel to enjoy herself at this big event. Rachel is dealing with some complex emotions as she thinks about what would have happened if she had gone through with her own wedding to Barry.

2. Rachel Comforts Ross When He's Terrible At Flirting

While , Ross never seems to care about anyone as much as he does about her. But in the season 5 episode "The One Where Ross Can't Flirt," Ross likes Caitlin, who delivers Chandler Bing a pizza. The problem is that Ross has no idea what to say or do.

While Rachel is definitely jealous, she offers Ross support, comfort and advice, even helping get Caitlin's number. It's funny watching Ross struggle and Rachel realize that she wants to be there for him, but seeing Ross and Rachel apart is sad, which makes some other storylines more comedic.

3. Rachel's Sister Jill Says Their Dad Cut Her Off

Rachel's sister Jill shows up in season 6 and Rachel is excited, although less so when she learns that their dad has stopped giving Jill money because she purchased a boat and is acting strangely. Watching Rachel and her sister interact here stands out as later, Ross and Jill will begin dating, which is of course upsetting for Rachel.

Rachel acts out of the ordinary when Jill arrives at the apartment as she isn't usually this warm and friendly toward family members.

Rachel is full of life as she welcomes Jill and seems genuinely happy to see her sibling. Seeing the other characters react to Jill is great comedic timing.

4. Rachel Makes A Trifle And Shepherd's Pie Hybrid

Rachel's season 6 trifle is unforgettable as she mixes up a Shepherd's Pie and dessert recipe and doesn't think twice about adding ground beef to what is supposed to be a sweet treat. The Thanksgiving episodes are always warm and cozy, but this one just might be the best thanks to Rachel's mistake.

The storyline is a comedy of errors as Rachel truly has no idea why her friends are lying about enjoying the dessert. In her mind, she followed a recipe and accomplished something big. Sometimes Rachel has no self-awareness and her bubbly, goofy and fun personality is joyful to watch.

5. Rachel Doesn't Want To Go To The Eye Doctor

Going to the doctor is one of , and in season 5, her eyes are itchy and red, yet she maintains that nothing is wrong and she doesn't need help. Rachel's physical comedy here is great as she pretends that she's fine and everyone should stop talking about it.

While Rachel is a strong character, she is also vulnerable in many ways, particularly when it comes to the ways that she is immature because she has never had to grow up before breaking up with Barry. Rachel realizes that she has to go to the doctor when her health is in bad shape, an important lesson that she resists at first.

6. Rachel Writes Ross An 18-Page Letter About Their Break-Up

The season 4 premiere "The One With The Jellyfish" is hard to forget as this is when Ross and Rachel officially break up.

Ross realizes that Rachel has written an 18-page letter about her feelings for him and her pain after knowing that he cheated on her.

While viewers empathize with both characters here, as they are both struggling, the fact that Rachel wrote almost 20 pages is brilliant and hilarious. Rachel stands out as a sitcom character for her ability to talk about her thoughts and feelings, and while Ross can't see things from her point of view just yet, it's important that Rachel lets him know what she thinks.

7. Rachel Breaks Joey's Favorite Chair

Although many, Rachel and Joey Tribbiani have some silly scenes when they're simply platonic. The season 7 episode "The One Where Rosita Dies" is memorable as Rachel breaks the chair that Joey cares so much about. Rachel feels terrible immediately and the situation becomes chaotic, proving that the show is funniest when the characters are covering up mistakes.

Because Chandler ends up believing that he's the person who ruined the chair, this becomes one of the more hilarious plotlines on . It's perfect seeing Chandler and Rachel full of guilt as this also proves how much they love Joey and how they respect his adoration of this chair, no matter how silly it might seem.

8. Rachel Doesn't Know How To Do Laundry

In season 1, Ross teaches Rachel how to do a load of laundry at the local place, as she doesn't know at all. This is one of the funnier plotlines on the sitcom as it's hard to imagine Rachel never having washed clothes at all in her life, but this turns out to be one of the quirkier parts of her backstory.

Because Rachel grew up privileged and then got engaged to Barry before striking out on her own, she doesn't have a lot of practical life skills.

It's not only humorous seeing Ross and Rachel talk about laundry, but it's also sweet seeing Rachel try to be more grown-up as she knows there is a lot that she should learn about life.

9. Rachel And Ross Get Married In Las Vegas

While , they also have some goofy ones, like the season 5 storyline when they drink too much in Las Vegas and end up getting married. They both realize that it was a mistake while secretly knowing that they're both still in love.

Ross and Rachel dissolve into giggles throughout this entire storyline, making it both amusing and sweet, as fans know how much the characters want to be together again.

Rachel's most hilarious storylines always have a meaning behind them as well as being silly, and this one is just as emotional as Rachel and Ross actually do want to commit to each other.

10. Rachel Eats Cheesecake From The Floor

The season 7 episode "The One With All The Cheesecakes" features the best Rachel storyline. When Chandler sees a cheesecake outside his apartment as a neighbor ordered it, he discovers how delicious it is, and Rachel becomes obsessed with it as well.

Watching Rachel eating cheesecake from the floor is perfect as this makes her character even more relatable. Most people have found themselves in the situation of dropping food on the floor and wondering if the "five second" rule is really true. It's even funnier that Rachel pretends not to like dessert before she says the cheesecake is super creamy.

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