Did You Agree? 'Friends Without Cringe': One Storyline That Should Be Erased From Existence REVEALED!

Before Monica and Chandler became the sweet couple that Friends fans couldn't get enough of, they each had their fair share of dating mishaps, but nothing could top one of Monica's past relationship storylines that fans wish they could forget completely because of its absurd conclusion.

Monica caught the eye of Pete Becker during one of her shifts working at the Moondance Diner, and he became determined to woo her.

It didn't take long to find out that Pete was the manager of a massive computer corporation and a millionaire, and his extravagant romantic gestures for Monica made this even more clear.For their first date, Pete took Monica to a pizzeria… in Rome.Pete was more than his money, he was a genuinely nice guy, but their relationship died down over Moncia's lack of physical attraction towards the tech mogul, and to win her affection Pete bought a restaurant and tried to convince Monica to take on the role of head chef.Monica believed that Pete still had romantic feelings for her and this was confirmed when he kissed her, but this time it seemed to ignite something within Monica.

Their relationship became stronger, and things were going well, and signs were pointing in the direction of Pete proposing to Monica.When he told her they needed to talk, she was expecting him to pop the question, but what he had to say was far, far from what Monica or Friends fans could have ever seen coming.Pete announced his new ambition; to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion.This was a decision that played on his character's impulsive nature, and it could have been feasible if not for the fact that he had no chance of success in a fighting career.His first two fights ended in defeat and serious injury, but this didn't deter his obsession with winning the UFC title.
  Monica couldn't bear to see him continue getting hurt and begged him to stop, but ultimately he chose his pursuit of the title at the cost of their relationship.Monica did not watch his next fight on tv, but it seemed to go the same way his first two had.With Chandler and Monica set to end up together, there had to be a way to get Pete out of the picture, and although he was an impulsive character, the UFC storyline was just way too much for fans.Not only was it way too extreme and made no sense, some fans felt that Pete deserved a better ending than the literal beatdown he got.

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