The One Phrase Jennifer Aniston Wants Banned From Her Interviews And Conversations!

Jennifer Aniston Uses One Of Joan Crawford's Beauty Secrets

Jennifer Aniston has been working in the industry for decades, starring as Rachel Green in the beloved sitcom , which lasted ten seasons before the cast decided it was time to end the show. She has also starred in several films, including , and , and has been working on the drama series, .

Aniston has also had to deal with plenty of drama off-screen, , and defending herself against rumors about , including the claim that she chose work over a family.

Through everything, Aniston has always looked stunning, and has stated that she got some of the beauty tricks she uses from legendary star Joan Crawford. Many celebrities in the industry have their own methods for looking fantastic, and some will use beauty secrets that have seemed to work for others.

According to Hola! Magazine, during an interview with British Vogue. The actress said of beauty routines, "We are sold such a bill of goods wrapped up in expensive packaging but I have found that when it comes to a skincare routine, the simpler the better."

According to Aniston, simply using cold water does the job for her. A "good tip that my facialist showed me is just to take a glass of water and splash it on your face 25 times. It's an old-school trick that Joan Crawford used to do. It just wakes up your skin."

Water is essential to Aniston's healthy lifestyle. As well as using it as part of her beauty routine, she apparently drinks a lot of it too. The star added that, "A balanced diet, a good sleep and drinking a lot of water are the three pillars she swears by."

What Is The Worst Possible Thing You Could Say To Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston has usually seemed to be friends with her cast mates, , and also appears genuine, friendly and open during interviews. During one, she told a hilarious story about how .

However, the actress has revealed that there's one phrase she can't stand to hear - from anyone. It seems .

According to the Huff Post, the actress revealed that the sentence she dreaded hearing from others is, "'You look good for your age.'" Aniston seems to be irked by this phrase, especially because "she currently feels younger, happier and healthier than ever."

Lately, Aniston has taken what she feels is a much better approach to exercise. She commented, "My family lives a long time, especially my dad's side. - I want to be thriving; I don't want to just be alive."

The actress added that her work-out routine has changed throughout her career. Aniston said she used to "burn out" from her workouts, saying, "Not only do you stress your body, you burn out - who wants that?"

Aniston has recently been doing work-outs that aren't as intense as the ones she's done in the past, and she feels like she's been taking much better care of her body.

However, mentioning Aniston's age while telling her how beautiful she looks doesn't seem to be a good move, as actress apparently doesn't think it's a nice thing to say.

Why She Hates The Phrase

For some celebrities, certain topics are sensitive. , or their children. Others might even leave interviews if they think an interviewer has crossed the line.

Although Aniston doesn't seem like the type to walk out on an interviewer, she has spoken about a particular compliment she can't stand to hear.

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