Even Hardcore Friends Fans Didn't Notice The Changing Window In The Kitchen Of Monica's Apartment

came to an end in the early 2000s and ever since, fans continue to watch the many reruns, ten seasons worth. Sadly, a reboot won't be taking place but at the very least, a reunion did happen and it was one the fans had a blast with.

In the following, we're going to take a look at lesser known moments. In truth, the show kept in many unscripted moments, and it just goes to show the trust the showrunners had for the main cast. We'll reveal which moments were completely organic, and which moments in Monica's apartment fooled fans.

In truth, there was a lot of activity in the kitchen of Monica's apartment fans didn't catch.

Among them, was finding a way to sneak in her lines, given that she struggled to remember them at times. We'll reveal the different places Cox stored her lines, and so much more.

Friends Featured Several Moments That Were Not Supposed To Be On The Show

did things differently, especially from a production standpoint. The show put a major focus on the audience's reaction. If a joke didn't land, it was changed on the spot and scene was reshot.

On the flip side, the main cast was given a lot of flexibility.

Certain scenes were completely improvised during its 10 seasons, and the result was truly iconic in some cases. just came out organically. The same held true for which was actually an outtake from a different scene, and caused the inspiration among the writers.

Throughout the show, Matthew Perry was also a genius when it came to altering lines and making them his own. Lisa Kudrow would also check with the audience during a shoot, making sure they understood certain jokes. It was clearly a team effort on the series, and the main cast were very much involved.

From a production standpoint, the team was also very involved.

In fact, they were fooling lots of fans with a certain visual in Monica's apartment.

The Behind The Scenes Crew Kept Changing The Visual Outside Of Monica's Kitchen Window

The production team had some fun of their own. As it turns out, fans of were often times very focused on the scene at hand, that they didn't notice what was going on in the background. That was evident on multiple occasions, particularly when fans missed fillers taking the place of the main cast.

However, there was another moment that a lot of fans didn't catch on, and

. The location was at times tampered with, and so was the scenery. For the most part, it featured another building with a window looming underneath. However, fans noticed that in season 3, the visual changes a clothes-line instead.

It seems like got away with many other moments in the kitchen, and that's especially true for Courteney Cox. The actress revealed that she had a sneaky way of remembering her lines thanks to the kitchen table...

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