Donnie Wahlberg Fires Up the Action: Shooting a Replica Gun on the Set of Blue Bloods in NYC!

Donnie Wahlberg, the actor and former rapper, was seen filming scenes for the upcoming series of Blue Bloods in New York City. He portrays detective Danny Reagan and was involved in high-tension sequences alongside his co-star Marisa Ramirez, who plays detective Maria Baez.

During the shoot, Donnie drew a replica gun, intensifying the action-packed confrontation. He was dressed in a dark blue suit, complemented by a lighter blue dress shirt and matching necktie. With a concerned expression, he displayed his acting skills while holding the weapon and engaged in a tense standoff.

Marisa Ramirez, on the other hand, prepared to support Donnie during the scene, grabbing her gun holster. She was dressed in a gray striped suit and a cream loose neck top. As the scene unfolded, Donnie broke away in a sprint while the women remained behind.

During a break from filming, Donnie took a moment to feed some pigeons, showcasing a brighter and more relaxed demeanor compared to his character's serious nature. He was seen smiling and enjoying the outdoors while conversing with his co-star.

Off-screen, Donnie celebrated his seventh wedding anniversary with his wife Jenny McCarthy. To honor their special occasion, he shared two candid photos of their surprise vow renewal on Instagram. In a heartfelt caption, he expressed his love for Jenny and his gratitude for having a partner who helps him grow each day.

Jenny also took to social media to commemorate their anniversary. She posted a photo and video montage, chronicling their journey together over the years, leading up to the moment they met. She expressed her love for Donnie and their enduring connection.

Overall, Donnie Wahlberg immersed himself in his role as detective Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods, bringing tension and intensity to the scenes while balancing his personal life and celebrating his wedding anniversary with Jenny McCarthy.

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