EXCLUSIVE! That One Time Jennifer Aniston Brutally Roasted A TV Host That Made Fans Stunned!

Jennifer Aniston may have cried a lot as Rachel on Friends, but she seems to enjoy making other people (or rather TV show hosts) cry in real life.

Back in 1995, season 2 of Friends was (or was about to be) on the air, and Jennifer Aniston did a promotional skit for the hit show.

The sketch starts off with the show host David taking his first shot at Jennifer's famous hairstyle and saying that America "has the exact same haircut" as her.

Well, is it really a roast?

It just goes to show how influential Jen is. The actress snarkily retorts that she doesn't see fans "rushing to get" her opponent's haircut. You show him, Jennifer!

Aniston then goes on to read from the teleprompter that Friends was a really funny and good show "the first time she saw it when it was called Seinfeld" (her delivery is just *chef's kiss*).

Jennifer's co-host denies the claims that he saw and wrote the text ahead of time, but the actress quickly shoots him down, mentioning that David "brags about it [seeing and creating the prompts] all the time."

By the way, the beef between Friends and Seinfeld is real. The two shows aired roughly around the same time and both had the signature group dynamic.

Seinfeld was actually the first to introduce such a format, and it surpassed Friends in terms of ratings, but almost 30 years later, the latter is still not only standing, but thriving. Who is laughing now?

Jennifer's final shot completely destroys David.

She talks about how she is under a lot of pressure because she gets to work on a hugely successful show that "gets great ratings, and the critics just love it," finishing up with a question to David, "Do you know what that is like?" Jen quickly corrects herself and admits her mistake, saying, "Oops! Asking the wrong guy."

Emotional damage!

Over the years, Friends has done a number of witty promos, such as the infamous Windows 95 video tutorial starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.

Those were the days!

Aniston does love a good roast and is still ready to rise up to the occasion whenever needed. It's nice to know that it all started off back in her Friends days, right?