Did Another Walking Dead Spinoff Already Solve Daryl Dixon's Biggest Mystery From Season 1?

The Walking Dead franchise has created opportunities for crossovers and Easter eggs throughout its expanding universe. Speculation about cameos in upcoming shows has begun, and one character who may make a return is Daryl Dixon. In episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl receives a radio call from Carol, hinting at someone's return to Alexandria. 

It is speculated that this character may be Morgan, who made a radio call in Fear The Walking Dead's final season indicating his intention to find Rick and head to Alexandria. Morgan's return could potentially open the door for more Walking Dead cameos in future spinoffs. Other characters who could have "come back" to Alexandria include Dwight, Michonne, or a new villain. However, Carol's tone in the radio call suggests that she was most likely referring to Morgan.

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