Dead City's Final Fight Is Exactly What Rick Vs. Negan In The Walking Dead Season 8 Should Have Been!

The finale of The Walking Dead spinoff series, Dead City, featured an intense showdown between Maggie and Negan that far surpassed the disappointing Rick vs Negan fight in season 8. Dead City has been working on Negan's redemption arc, making him appear less monstrous and expanding the Walking Dead universe with new characters and storylines.

The long-awaited battle between Maggie and Negan in Dead City was the kind of final showdown that the Rick vs Negan fight should have been. Negan's introduction in the main series was controversial, as he was portrayed as the next major villain. However, after his defeat in season 8, the series focused on his journey from unrepentant killer to likable antihero. Dead City not only continued Negan's redemption tour but also reframed his past actions to make him appear less monstrous.

The spinoff is part of a wave of Walking Dead spinoffs that are expanding the franchise's world, including the return of former main character Rick Grimes for his own offshoot. While it remains uncertain how Rick and Negan's encounter would play out in the future, it would be disappointing if they didn't get the epic battle that season 8 lacked. In Dead City, Maggie is forced to work with Negan to save her kidnapped son but later discovers it was a ruse.

The two engage in a vicious knife fight surrounded by hordes of walkers in the finale. Although nobody dies, the showdown between Maggie and Negan was satisfying and long-awaited. This is in contrast to the underwhelming Rick vs Negan fight in season 8, which felt small-scale and lacking in intensity. While it is unknown how Rick's return to The Walking Dead universe will unfold, it would be a shame if he and Negan didn't have another encounter. It would be interesting to see Rick witness the consequences of his decision to spare Negan, and hopefully, it would give audiences the intense battle they were deprived of in season 8.

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