Walking Dead: Maggie's Dead City Ending and "I'm Gonna Finish It Line" Explained By Lauren Cohan!

Lauren Cohan, the star of The Walking Dead: Dead City, discusses the ambiguous ending of Maggie's character in the first season and how it sets up for season 2. In the season finale, Maggie trades Negan to the Croat for Hershel, which is perceived by Hershel as being driven by revenge. Maggie's final line in the episode suggests that she wants to end her feud with Negan and let go of their past. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cohan explains that she is hesitant to reveal the exact meaning of Maggie's final line because it has been interpreted differently by many people.

However, she expresses excitement for how it sets up the next season. Cohan believes that Maggie's character has the potential to go in unexpected directions and is interested in exploring that on screen. The season finale of The Walking Dead: Dead City introduces two possible paths for Maggie. On one hand, Maggie's statement of wanting to "finish it" with Negan could imply that she intends to kill him. Ever since Negan killed Glenn in season 7, Maggie has been driven by grief and anger towards him. Killing Negan may be a way for her to find closure and move on from her grief.

On the other hand, the finale also hints at the possibility of Maggie helping Negan instead. This is indicated by Hershel's anger towards Maggie's vengeful nature. In her final scene, Maggie finds a drawing made by Hershel of the Dama, the true leader of Manhattan. Maggie could interpret this drawing as a representation of someone from New York City and may channel her energy into fighting the Dama instead of seeking revenge on Negan. While Maggie may be unable to forgive Negan, the second season of The Walking Dead: Dead City might explore a scenario where she saves him. The exact resolution of Maggie's feud with Negan remains uncertain, but the ambiguous ending of the first season sets a promising stage for the second season. Source: EW

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