"It'll Be Funny!": Robert Kirkman Said Walking Dead Writers Could Kill A Major Character For Fun!

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman allowed the TV series writers to kill off major characters for shock value. However, killing off protagonist Rick Grimes would have left the franchise without a central character and made his story feel pointless. Despite this, Rick's years at the CRM indicate that he will play a key role in fighting the antagonistic group and become the center of The Walking Dead again.

Kirkman admitted that he was more reckless in the early days of the show and would often suggest killing off Rick Grimes for fun. However, the writers rejected the idea. In reality, Rick sacrificed himself to save his group in season 9 and was taken captive by the CRM. He will return in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live in 2024. Killing off Rick would have left the show without a central character and undermined his family's legacy. Luckily, Rick is still alive and his time at the CRM hints at his important role in the future.

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