Walking Dead Theory Explains Why The CRM Hasn't Attacked Rick's Group Yet!


The CRM Could Be Using Rick's People To Control Him In The Walking Dead

is Rick and Michonne's upcoming spinoff that fills Rick's absence after season 9. Audiences can finally watch the beloved character again, but it's possible Rick is being blackmailed by the CRM. A plausible theory is that the CRM uses Rick's people living in Alexandria and Commonwealth to control him, either to stop him from escaping a secret location or to encourage him to spare valuable information. In , it became obvious that this military organization didn't care about taking people and using their friends for leverage, as seen by Huck tricking Hope into traveling with her to the CRM.

Because Rick's friends are just a useful tool for blackmailing, the CRM might not approach them until they are needed for further resources and information. If the CRM had been watching Rick for a while, they should know he cares about his family and friends the most, meaning blackmailing would work if the CRM threatened their safety. However, audiences know from the preview at the end of season 11 that, so they must threaten his close communities to bring him back and stop him from escaping again.

Why The CRM Threatening Alexandria To Control Rick Makes So Much Sense

It makes perfect sense that the CRM is threatening Alexandria to get Rick to comply or even join their organization. Jadis knew about his communities and where he was from, so it's no doubt she offered this information to the CRM. Since Rick is probably desperate to return to his family and friends, especially his daughter and son, the CRM must go to extreme lengths to keep him locked away. The CRM could also be keeping tags on Judith and R.J. and using them to control Rick, as they are the most important people in his life and will most likely have the biggest impact on his choices.

Another theory that links to this one is that since season 1. With the helicopters appearing in the pilot episode to Rick somehow surviving a coma for a month into the apocalypse, it could be possible that the CRM has always planned on capturing him when he was most vulnerable. Now that Rick is away from Alexandria and completely helpless against an army of military professionals, he has no choice but to follow their orders to ensure the safety of his friends back home.

Rick's Group Must Finally Learn About The CRM In Walking Dead's Spinoffs

With Rick and Michonne's spinoff releasing in 2024, current spinoffs like and season 2 should address the CRM as the organization finally comes into the light. Whether Daryl learns about a potential outpost in France or Maggie is approached by CRM members in Alexandria, Rick's group has to encounter the CRM one way or another. In future spinoffs, these beloved characters may have a new threat to face, and everything the CRM has been doing behind closed doors will reveal a potential cure that could beat the virus. However, judging by the experiments in , they were far from morally right.

Audiences may also witness characters like Maggie, Daryl, and Judith learning about Rick's survival in the CRM, which could lead to other spinoffs in universe. A grown-up Judith might plan on taking down the organization for the kidnapping of her father, or these beloved characters could reunite once again to bring Rick home and burn the CRM to the ground. Although these are only potential ideas, has to introduce more of the CRM to make Rick and Michonne's spinoff relevant and impactful. Even though the CRM hasn't attacked Rick's friends yet, there is still a chance they could start a war.

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