7 Things That Need To Happen In Blue Bloods Season 14
The Season 13 finale of "Blue Bloods" featured Jackie Curatola returning to help Danny and Baez track down a copycat serial killer, while other members of the Reagan family dealt with career troubles.Despite contract negotiations resulting in a cast pay cut, Season 14 of "Blue Bloods" is definitely happening, although fans speculate it may be the show's last season.Fans want Danny Reagan and Maria Baez to finally become a couple on the show, as they believe Danny deserves to be happy after his wife Linda died.Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan need more screen time together, as their love story has been neglected in recent seasons.
Fans want to see Nicky Boyle-Regan return to the show more often, as she acts as a gateway between the younger and older generations of Reagans.Viewers want to see a Reagan grandkid rebel and pursue a career outside of law enforcement or politics, which could add fresh plotlines to the show.A big umbrella case that involves the whole Reagan family working together would make for a great storyline in the show's final season.
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