Blue Bloods' Vanessa Ray Compares The Show To Cinderella
"Blue Bloods," a long-running TV show entering its 13th season, has maintained its popularity largely due to the focus on family dynamics and the weekly family dinner scenes that anchor the show. Actress Vanessa Ray, who portrays Eddie, believes this is what keeps viewers coming back. The relationships between characters, including the partnership and eventual marriage between Eddie and Jamie, also add to the show's appeal.
Ray compared Eddie's story to Cinderella, explaining that police officers enter their career hoping to make a difference and serve their community, but quickly realize how difficult it can be. Eddie's growth throughout the show, her love for Jamie, and her determination to fight for victims are all part of her journey towards making the world a better place. While her happily ever after may not be fully realized, her wedding episode with Jamie gave her a piece of it.

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