Friends: 10 Things The Main Characters Did That Fans Can't Get Over According To Reddit!

Ross Not Getting An Annulment

Season 6, Episode 2

As most fans know, Ross is infamous in the show for having failed marriages under his belt. At the beginning of Season 6, he would have had three separations overall if he had actually followed through with his annulment with Rachel. Reddit has found this to be one of Ross's biggest sins, as user explains: "Mostly because not only was it deceitful, he had the WORST reasoning for it."

In the episode, Ross claims his reason for not wanting to legally separate from Rachel is that he doesn't want to be known as the "guy with three divorces." This insecurity, however, is no excuse for lying to one of his closest friends, no matter the positive feelings he may still feel for her.

When Rachel Names Her Daughter Emma

Season 8, Episode 24

Rachel's pregnancy was a huge plot point for the show but many fans were unhappy with how she named her child. In the show, Rachel is having a hard time deciding on a name for her baby. After promising not to take it, Rachel ends up using the name that Monica reserved for her future daughter, Emma.

Redditor argues, "I feel like Rachel takes a lot from Monica and just because she said she could have had it, doesn't mean she should have taken it." Though Monica did assure Rachel it was okay to take the name, fans disagree that it was the right decision. Many viewers find that jealousy is a trend for Rachel, and she should have let her friends have the spotlight more often overall.

When Chandler Kisses Kathy

Season 4, Episode 7

Though Chandler is on , even he has done some unbelievable things. Redditor expressed that "Even though he's my favorite, Chandler kissing Kathy" was a moment they couldn't get over.

Though Joey was dating Kathy, some say it was okay for Chandler to make a move since the two weren't exclusive. It was more of Chandler's reaction, however, that upset fans. Many said the situation would have been more forgivable if Chandler had talked it out with his best friend, but instead, he lied and tried to cover it up.

When Monica Put Goose In Phoebe's Pâté

Season 1, Episode 4

In one of the earlier episodes of Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel join together for a sleepover, where they end up spilling secrets. One of Monica's confessions is that she once put goose meat in a dish she served to Phoebe. While the quote was made as more of a passing remark, the line stuck with some unhappy fans.

Not only was Monica's action simply disrespectful to her friend's preferences, but as a chef, she is expected to have a little more integrity. User expressed their concern over the comment, "As a vegan I’m annoyed by phoebe’s wishy-washy vegetarian portrayal in general but this is not something a chef would do."

Phoebe Getting Sting Tickets

Season 8, Episode 10

Sometimes the harsh means watching the cast do unforgivable things, like when Phoebe plans to obtain tickets to a Sting concert. When Phoebe learns that Ross's son Ben goes to school with the son of Sting, she impersonates one of Ben's mothers in order to get in contact with the musician.

User says "Phoebe’s pursuit of Sting tickets and how she went about it was low and a massive violation of trust." Many fans think that Phoebe's actions were insensitive, especially because of the impedes on the serious issue of Sting's son bullying Ben for having lesbian parents. Despite her selfish actions, however, Ross ends up getting Sting tickets for both of them, although Phoebe has to abide by a restraining order.

Joey Burning Ginger's Prosthetic Leg

Season 3, Episode 14

Put simply, describes one of the cast's worst actions as "Joey throwing the leg in the fire." This is a reference to an episode in Season 3, where Joey admits to accidentally throwing one of his ex-girlfriend's wooden legs into a fireplace.

Though it was an accident, fans have found Joey's action unbelievable not for the accident itself but how he handled it. Joey fled and never explained himself, earning the character a guilty position in a situation where he could have been redeemed.

Rachel's Jealousy Of Bonnie

Season 3, Episode 25

Redditor admitted one of the worst actions of the cast was "Rachel encouraging Bonnie to shave her head." This event took place in the episode set in Montauk, where the gang follows Phoebe and stays for a brief and drama-filled vacation.

Fans see Rachel's encouragement as cruel since it was inspired by her intense jealousy toward Bonnie, Ross's current girlfriend, and was made in an effort to sabotage the relationship. Thankfully, however, Bonnie rocked her shaved head, and because of her easy-going personality, she didn't mind the change.

Ross's Fake Funeral

Season 9, Episode 17

In what has been considered lies one of the perhaps most absurd episodes, the one where Ross puts on a funeral for himself. Redditor expressed their negative opinion on the event, adding "And the fact that Monica and Chandler went along with it. So weird and awful."

After posting fake comments about each other on a high school alumni site, Chandler takes the bit too far and says Ross died by getting hit by a blimp. When Ross is sad that no one expressed grief over his passing, he, Chandler, and Monica put on a fake funeral. Obviously, the whole affair is rather morbid, a bit disrespectful, and overall just strange.

Chandler's Affair With Nina

Season 1, Episode 16

Although Chandler and Monica hold the title as Chandler has done some questionable things to women throughout the show. Redditor explains that one of the worst of these actions was his relationship with his coworker Nina, "And calling her mentally unstable when he couldn't/wouldn't fire her."

Chandler was first at fault after not firing Nina just because he thought she was attractive. However, his rumors against her for his own mistake were downright cruel and unfair and caused others at the office to treat Nina differently.

When Monica Tries To Adopt Erica's Babies

Season 10, Episode 9

When Chandler and Monica began to start a family, they were matched with Erica, who was giving up her future baby for adoption. Because of a miscommunication, however, Erica thought the adoptive parents were a reverend and a doctor.

Monica was a little hasty in assuming the fake roles and wrongfully saw no issue with lying to Erica in a serious situation. Redditor said "I sympathized with Monica, but it was still very selfish and honestly, I was with Erica when she called her out after they tell the truth." Thankfully, Chandler came to the rescue in the end, and the couple ended up gaining their adopted twins.

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