ENTERTAINMENT, MOVIES & TV ‘Yellowstone’: 8 Times Rip Wheeler & Beth Dutton Proved They’re #CoupleGoals

8. Beth and Rip slow dance by the barn in 'Yellowstone' season 3

Sometimes, Beth and Rip spend a few minutes alone at Dutton Ranch. It happened briefly in Season 3, and they took advantage of it. Rip lights up the area near the barn and plays some country music, then dances with Beth.

7. Sipping whiskey and staring at stars

Beth is on the roof of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) house drinking whiskey after a bad fight with her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley), when Rip shows up to join her.

When the rancher said he thought she'd finished her whiskey, she tells him, "I'll sip some whiskey and watch the stars with you, Rip."

When Rip looks at her – wanting to tell her he loves her – Beth says to wait and tell her "when it saves me".

6. The love story begins

Yellowstone fans got a glimpse of Rip and Beth's romantic first love with a flashback in the episode "Touching the Enemy". That's when young Beth (Kylie Rogers) approaches young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) – who has just arrived at Dutton Ranch – and asks him to kiss her.

When he told her he didn't know how, she replied, "Neither do I." Later, Beth and Rip share their first kiss and their romance begins.

5. Rip and Beth went on a morbid first date in 'Yellowstone' season 1

When Beth returns to Dutton ranch in Season 1, Rip asks her out on a date by inviting her to a music festival, which she mocks. Then she told him to ask her to do something that's tailored to her. So he suggested they get drunk and watch some wolves kill an elk in the park. And that's exactly what they do.

As Beth rushes at the wolves and Rip chases her, she tells him that she loves him in the most Beth Dutton way possible: "It's only the things I love that die Rip, never me.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised you're still standing."

4. The music festival call back

Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) on 'Yellowstone' | ParamountWhen Beth and Rip are on a date at a wild Montana honky-tonk, he walks up to her while drinking a glass of whiskey. That's when Beth makes a reference to his first date idea in season 1 when she tells him the bar "is almost like a music festival."  Then, amid the neon lights and the rowdy crowd of cowboys, Beth and Rip share a dance.

3. Beth calls Rip 'baby'

Rip and Beth's relationship grows significantly in Season 3, including the first time Beth calls Rip "baby. It was a sweet moment that made him so happy, that he asked her to repeat it. When Rip asked Beth what she wanted him to call her, she said "wife".

2. Rip saves Beth from the Beck Brothers' assassins

At the end of Season 2 episode "Resurrection Day", the Beck brothers send two assassins to Beth's office at Schwartz & Meyer.

Before they barge in, Beth is able to send Rip a message that says "office help". The attackers then proceeded to kill her assistant before pursuing her.

1. Beth gives Rip a ring in 'Yellowstone' season 3

In season 3, episode 7 "The Beating", Rip returns home to Beth after a hard day on the road with Jimmy (Jefferson White) and his girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin). He burst in with six packs of Coors, chugs a few cans, then calmly looked at Beth.

As Rip smiled, Beth tells him that she had asked her father's permission to get married. Then, she gives her longtime love a ring.

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