Everything to Know About the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Series ‘1923’

The Yellowstone universe continues to expand with the upcoming addition of a new limited series called 1923. Following the success of the first spinoff, 1883, Paramount+ announced in February 2022 that another series titled 1932 would focus on the descendants of the Dutton family. However, in June 2022, the streaming service revealed that the show's title had been changed to 1923.

According to the official description provided by the streaming service, 1923 will explore the early 20th century and the challenges faced by the Duttons in the mountain west. Set against the backdrop of pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression, the series will delve into the lives of the Dutton family as they navigate these difficult times.

The original iteration of Yellowstone follows ranch patriarch John Dutton and his children Kayce, Beth, and Jamie as they fight against developers and government officials who threaten the family's profits.

Since its premiere in 2018, Yellowstone has become one of the most popular cable series, surprising even its star, Kevin Costner, with its phenomenal success. While Yellowstone is a modern take on westerns, creator Taylor Sheridan drew inspiration from media set during the American Civil War. Influenced by writers like Cormac McCarthy, Larry McMurtry, and Toni Morrison, Sheridan explored similar themes in his storytelling.

Additionally, movies such as Unforgiven and Dances With Wolves provided a different lens through which to view the Western genre. In addition to 1923, another Yellowstone spinoff called 6666 is currently in development. This series will be set in the present day and will take place at the Four Sixes ranch in Texas. Fans of the flagship show will recognize the ranch from its appearance in season 4 when Jimmy Hurdstrom and his fiancée, Emily, settled there. Although Jimmy is expected to appear in 6666, he will also be returning to Yellowstone in the future.

Jefferson White, the actor who portrays Jimmy, confirmed his involvement in season 5 and expressed his anticipation for what lies ahead for his character.

Moving on to 1923, Paramount+ announced that Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will lead the series in undisclosed roles. The two previously worked together in the film The Mosquito Coast. The exact nature of their characters' connection to the Dutton family is still unknown, but it is likely that they will be playing ancestors of John Dutton, possibly his grandparents.

As for the plot of 1923, details are scarce. The official synopsis reveals that the series will explore the aftermath of the 1918 flu pandemic and the Great Depression as the Dutton family strives to maintain their ranch. They will also face the challenge of dealing with an epidemic of cattle theft.

Fans can look forward to the premiere of 1923 on December 18, 2022, exclusively on Paramount+. The series will provide a deeper look into the Dutton family's history and struggles during a tumultuous period in American history.

By introducing new characters and exploring different time periods, the Yellowstone franchise continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and rich world-building. With multiple spinoffs in the works, fans can expect even more exciting adventures from the Dutton family in the future.

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