Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ‘Fuming’ Their Western Saga Won’t Continue as ‘Yellowstone’ Prequels Live on Without Them: Report

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the stars of the short-lived series 1883, are reportedly angry after being denied a continuation of the Western saga by the creator of the Yellowstone franchise, Taylor Sheridan. The couple portrayed the original settlers of the Dutton dynasty in the show, which aired from December 2021 to February 2022. McGraw and Hill were enthralled by the script, with McGraw describing it as "truly incredible." However, Sheridan informed them that the prequels were intended to be mini-movies with a short run.

Insiders claim that McGraw and Hill are disappointed that their comeback hopes have been dashed while the Yellowstone prequels continue without them.

Although their representative denied these reports, sources close to the couple insist they are accurate. McGraw and Hill were allegedly under the impression that their involvement in 1883 would result in more acting opportunities. Their frustration is heightened by the fact that A-list actors Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren have received acclaim for their performances in the Yellowstone prequel, 1923. The show premiered with 7.4 million viewers, compared to 1883's opening, which garnered 4.9 million viewers.

It is expected that the show's creative team will begin writing for the second season of 1923 once the Writers Guild of America strike is over. McGraw and Hill, who both aspire to have successful acting careers, are reportedly deeply disappointed by the situation. Their friends claim that they are particularly irked because Ford and Mirren are considered the "toast of the franchise," while they do not have the same level of influence.

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