Stunned! The Truth How 'Friends' Iconic Theme Song Ruined Its Author's Career REVEALED!

The Friends theme song was a hit thanks to the popularity of the cult sitcom, but it turned out to be a curse, not a blessing, for its creators, The Rembrandts band.

Friends became a springboard for the careers of not only the main characters, but also the writers of the theme song, which in the 2000s oozed out of every pore.

Although they got all the fame for almost one hit, The Rembrandts had a long history before Friends made them world famous.

The rock group's first album was warmly received by the public in 1990, and one of its songs reached number 14 on the Billboard charts.

A little later, group founders Danny Wilde and Phil Solem were approached by their manager who said that the executive producer of the sitcom Kevin Bright was a fan of the group and wanted them to write the theme song for his new show.

Initially, the group members were divided, but in the end they decided to record the song excerpt, which would become their main hit in the future.

When it became clear that not only Friends, but also the title track was becoming super popular, the record company sent the band to record a full-length version of the song.

Released in 1995, I'll Be There for You blew up the charts, reaching the top ten in several countries, including the UK and Australia. In Canada, the song was recognized as the most successful single of 1995.

However, it turned out that this kind of wild popularity was not at all what they wanted for the group. As the band members recall, they were some kind of underground band at the time, and world recognition destroyed their identity and vibe.

"Once people realised it was us, it killed our cool vibe. We went from doing cool clubs to matinee shows where parents would bring their kids. The song became an albatross round our necks and broke up the band for a few years," Danny Wilde said in his interview with The Guardian.

The popularity that hit the group was so overwhelming that the group members decided to take a break for a couple of years, but then reunited.

While the band members are frustrated that most people only know them for I'll Be There For You, they also found a lighter side to the story.

The royalties from that song allowed Danny to put his kid through college and buy a house, and the money is still coming in.

Moreover, the group is still called upon to perform only this song at various events, and the group member admitted that the prejudice they had at the beginning has already disappeared.

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