Harrison Ford Talks Yellowstone Prequel 1923 and the Dutton Legacy

Harrison Ford recently discussed the highly anticipated Yellowstone prequel titled 1923 and the lasting impact of the Dutton family legacy in an interview. The legendary actor shared his thoughts on the upcoming series and shed light on what viewers can expect.

Ford expressed his excitement about being a part of the Yellowstone prequel, which is set to delve into the early years of the Dutton family and the origins of the Yellowstone ranch. The series will take place in 1923 and explore the untold stories that shaped the Dutton legacy.

The actor acknowledged the immense popularity of the original Yellowstone series and believes that the prequel will offer fans a deeper understanding of the characters and their journey.

By delving into the past, the show will provide valuable context and shed light on the events that have unfolded in the current timeline.

Ford emphasized the importance of the Dutton family legacy and its enduring impact on the present-day narrative. He praised the depth of the characters and the intricacies of their relationships, which he believes will continue to captivate audiences in the prequel.

While discussing his role in the Yellowstone prequel, Ford expressed his eagerness to portray a character that has a significant connection to the Dutton family. Although he did not reveal specific details about his character, he hinted that it will be an integral part of the story and help shape the trajectory of the Dutton legacy.

The actor also revealed his admiration for the talented cast and crew involved in the Yellowstone series. He commended show creator Taylor Sheridan for his exceptional storytelling and praised the ensemble of actors who bring the characters to life.

Regarding the setting of the prequel, Ford noted the unique beauty and ruggedness of the Yellowstone region. He expressed his belief that the breathtaking landscapes and the untouched wilderness play an integral role in shaping the Dutton family's struggles and triumphs.

In conclusion, Harrison Ford's recent interview provided insights into the highly anticipated Yellowstone prequel, titled 1923.

Ford expressed his excitement about being a part of the project and highlighted the importance of the Dutton family legacy. He praised the show's characters and their relationships while acknowledging the significant role that the Yellowstone region plays in the narrative. Fans can look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the Duttons and the events that shaped their lives when the prequel airs.

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