12 Things We're Hoping To See In Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Show, The Ones Who Live

Rick Grimes will make a highly anticipated return to The Walking Dead universe in the spinoff series The Ones Who Live. The absence of the show's protagonist for five years has increased excitement for his comeback. Michonne, another fan favorite, will also be returning, bringing new life to the franchise. The spinoff should introduce meaningful new characters that leave a lasting impression, rather than only focusing on the villains. Characters from The Walking Dead: World Beyond could play a role in helping Rick escape, providing closure for some of the show's survivors.

 The spinoff should also consider the return of Carl Grimes, either through flashbacks or as a hallucination, to boost viewership and offer closure for the character.

Cameos from main characters from the original show would add extra hype to the spinoff. The Ones Who Live could explore the theme of finding a cure for the zombie virus, which has been largely avoided in the main show. Introducing new types of zombie variants and a new menacing threat would add excitement to the series. The return of Jadis, the untrustworthy character who saved Rick's life, would create an intriguing dynamic. 

The spinoff should also establish connections with other spinoffs to show a clear future direction for the franchise. It should explain what happened to the CRM after The Walking Dead: World Beyond and reveal where Rick was taken after his disappearance. Lastly, the reunion of Rick and Michonne would be a highly emotional and long-awaited moment.

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