The Unveiling of Carter's Evolution: Discovering the Actor Behind Yellowstone Season 5's Character.

The actor who plays Carter in Yellowstone Season 5 has undergone a significant transformation. The article discusses the character of Carter and the actor's portrayal of him in the upcoming season. However, it does not provide the specific name of the actor or any further details about the transformation.

Finn Little, who plays Carter in "Yellowstone," surprised fans with a sudden growth spurt, prompting jokes about his rapid aging on social media. The 16-year-old actor's growth from "a little pudgy kid" to 6-foot-1 amazed his co-star Cole Houser.

The show even incorporated this change into its storyline, with a humorous reference to Carter's growth in the Season Five premiere. 

Little humorously mentioned that the Yellowstone crew didn't recognize him on set due to his transformation. Despite the challenges his character faces on the ranch, Houser noted that Carter's storyline in the new season allows for growth and learning. Little's growth spurt seems to have its advantages in the cowboy business, adding an unexpected twist to his character's journey.

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