ennifer Aniston’s First Big Splurge With Her ‘Friends’ Money Was a Mercedes 280 SL—and She Regrets It!

Jennifer Aniston was just 25 years old when she filmed the first episode of , the show that would change her life and . And Aniston has a very 25-year-old story of how she went about celebrating her success once she was on the hit show.

In a new interview with , Aniston sat down with co-star Adam Sandler and answered a question about how she spent her first paycheck—and unlike how itself would turn out to do, this story didn’t exactly have a happy ending.

“My first big splurge was on a Mercedes that had a for sale sign on it for almost two years,” Aniston recalled to Sandler and Popsugar, describing the Los Angeles corner where she would pass her dream car and track the for sale sign month after month.

“There was a little white ”

“It was there for a long time. It could have been over two years,” Aniston continued. “I always was like, ‘I can’t wait, someday, someday.’ And then one day I bought it.”

Aniston spent $13,000 on the car and took it home—but her triumph was short-lived.

“And then I drove it, and then drove it again. And it never drove again,” she admitted. “It was a lemon, and that’s why it’s been sitting there. And I didn’t know any better.”

“So, that was a nice 25-year-old mistake,” she concluded.

If Aniston had been able to fix up her sweet little Pagoda, it might have been worth a lot more today—used 280 SL models, manufactured between 1967 and 1971, are going for hundreds of thousands on today’s markets, proof that the same model Aniston was dreaming of back in the ’90s is  today.

Just like Aniston herself, some things only get better with time.

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