Outlander: 14 Things In The Show That Only Make Sense If You Read The Books

Updated February 23rd, 2020 by Alyssa Avina: The Outlander series is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon of the same name. A lot of times, viewers of the hit show may not be aware of changes that have been made by producers when adapting the show from the books.

With the season 5 premiere of Outlander finally here, we thought we'd take a look back at the most noticeable changes from the books to the series that have been made thus far.

Action-packed and filled with dynamic human interactions, it is easy to overlook important details when scrutinizing the narrative of Outlander. More so when considering some details from the series of books on which the show is based have been deliberately left out.

Fans of the books would have noticed the discrepancies between the book and the onscreen adaptation of the story.

These fascinating tidbits and details—which have been missed—add depth to the viewers' understanding of the Outlander narrative. Here are just 14 of them, equipping Outlander fans to go back and check their favorite episodes to catch things they might have previously missed.

Murtagh Doesn't Survive Culloden

There was a big question at the start of season 3: would fan-favorite Murtagh Fitzgibbons survive the Battle of Culloden? Of course, book readers knew that he did not survive the infamous battle in the books, but his character was also vastly different from page to screen.

Luckily for all of the Murtagh fans out there, they made a change and he did survive the battle. He even reunited with Jamie in season 4 after he was sent to the colonies 10 years prior.

We Never Get Jamie's Point Of View

All throughout the book series, the entire time we are seeing everything from the perspective of our heroine, Claire. 

But in the latter half of season 1 of Outlander, we were able to see everything from Jamie's point of view for the very first time. He narrated the episode, too, which is usually in Claire's hands. It was actually a welcome change to see everything from the viewpoint of our Scottish hero, even if it was only temporary for this one episode.

Laoghaire Never Appears In Dragonfly In Amber

As we all know, the second season is based on the second book in the series of novels, Dragonfly In Amber. And anyone who is an avid reader of the series would also recognize that Laoghaire never appeared in this book.

Yet, we see the girl again in the second season when Jamie and Claire visit his uncle. She claims to have changed and desperately wants to apologize to Claire and Jamie. But we all could see she still was pining after Jamie. It was an interesting change they decided to make with this.

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