In a recently released gameplay video, streamer [streamer name] expressed their dissatisfaction with the existence of "The Walking Dead Destinies" game, providing a walkthrough of part two of the gameplay on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console. Despite acknowledging the importance of personal gaming preferences, the streamer firmly believes that this game should not exist.

During the video, the streamer shares their disappointment and frustration with various aspects of "The Walking Dead Destinies." The game, set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, failed to captivate the streamer due to its lackluster storyline and gameplay mechanics.

They highlight the fact that the game not only lacks originality but also fails to bring any significant improvements or innovations to the genre.

The streamer complains about the poor character development and the insipid dialogue, which they argue are essential in an engaging storyline. They criticize the game's over-reliance on traditional zombie tropes and clichés, which result in a predictable and uninteresting narrative. Moreover, the streamer voices their disappointment with the character choices provided in the game, claiming that they lack complexity and fail to evoke any emotional investment.

Furthermore, the streamer points out several technical shortcomings of the game. They express frustration with the game's clunky controls and sluggish mechanics, which negatively impacted the overall gameplay experience. The streamer also highlights the graphical issues, including poor textures and subpar animations, which further detract from the game's immersive potential.

Throughout the gameplay video, the streamer maintains a critical perspective on "The Walking Dead Destinies," continuously expressing their belief that the game shouldn't exist. They argue that in an industry saturated with stellar gaming experiences and original ideas, the release of a lackluster game offering nothing new or exciting is a disservice to both gamers and the gaming industry.

In conclusion, the streamer's gameplay walkthrough of "The Walking Dead Destinies" on the PS5 reveals their disappointment and frustration with the game. They criticize its derivative and unoriginal narrative, lackluster character development, and technical flaws, all culminating in their assertion that the game should not exist in an industry brimming with innovative and captivating gaming experiences.

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