‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Still Begging for a Danny and Baez Romance, But Marisa Ramirez Isn’t Holding Her Breath

Blue Bloods fans have been begging to see a Detective Danny Regan and Maria Baez romance blossom on screen, but actress Marisa Ramirez isn't sure that will ever happen.

The friendship between the detectives, who have been partners since the start of the series in 2010, is a fan-favorite, perhaps even the most fan-favorite. The two are best friends with a wholesome and unique connection, and they gladly risk their lives for each other each week.

Even before Danny's wife, Linda, died offscreen in 2017, people couldn't help but love his chemistry with Baez, and they called for a switch-up. But despite the opportunity being open in recent seasons, the two are still strictly platonic.

Ramirez chatted about her character with TV Insider recently, and the publication's Ileane Rudolph immediately asked if Baez would finally go to the next level with Danny. Unfortunately, the actress said it's highly unlikely for several reasons.

"It's really tough," she explained. "They're just so great as work partners and, as you know from the Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) storyline, once they become personally entangled, it became very difficult. So Maria and Danny may not even be allowed to work as partners anymore.

And I think that's where they're happiest, getting to spend the day working together."

The Detectives Will Take Their Friendship a Step Further in an Upcoming 'Blue Bloods' EpisodeRamirez acknowledged that fans are dying for a "romance," but she said that for all the above reasons, it's more fun to just "tease" the possibility.

However, she did admit that the detectives will get even closer next month. Donnie Wahlberg shared with the publication earlier this month that the May 12 installment will see the two getting more intimate, and a "sleepover" will happen.

Rameriz said that Wahlberg wasn't lying about that storyline, but it will play out a little differently than people expect.

She hinted that Danny may just be spending the night to help her get through a rough night with her young daughter.

"At the end of the season, Baez adopted a baby girl, but there haven't been more than a couple of mentions since then," she offered. "It's really exciting that we will get into Baez's personal life, which gives Danny a chance to learn more about her past."

The sub-plot could be part of a slow burn that will see the duo moving out of the friendship zone further in the further, though. So we can't say there is no hope.

"After working so long with somebody, inviting them into your home where you live with your child changes the relationship a bit," she added. "It makes them a little closer."

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