Jamie's Fate Unravels in the Yellowstone Season 5 Climactic Train Station Encounter!

In the Season 5 finale of Yellowstone, Jamie is unexpectedly found at a train station. 

The news goes public during John's press conference on the reservation and he is not amused by the timing of it, sharing it's moves like this that mean Jamie "is not fit for this office." As reporters race to the front of the stage seeking comment, John tries to control the situation to a hairy situation. "This moment isn't about me and I won't let it be. The issues facing this reservation are real, far more than any theater being played out in Helena right now," he says, attempting to downplay this massive blow to his governorship.

"Keep it focused on the issue of the day because there will still be one tomorrow."

But Jamie isn't done, telling her that if she turns him in, that means John is in danger of getting put behind bars for all the unsavory acts he's been responsible for. "How many bodies has your father put in the same spot? You turn me in, you turn him in. Have you thought this through?" Jamie screams at Beth, who stays silent as she digests the information.

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