Sylvester Stallone talks Tulsa King, Taylor Sheridan, and Potential Yellowstone Crossover

In an interview, Sylvester Stallone opened up about his upcoming project, "Tulsa King," and his collaboration with Taylor Sheridan. He also hinted at the possibility of a crossover with the hit TV series, Yellowstone.

Stallone expressed his excitement about "Tulsa King," a series that he has been developing with writer-director Taylor Sheridan. He described it as a "love story to the American heartland" and revealed that it is set in the 1930s during the oil boom in Oklahoma. Stallone praised Sheridan's writing talent and expressed his confidence in the show's success.

The actor also discussed his collaboration with Sheridan.

Stallone explained that they first met while working on a different project and instantly connected over their mutual passion for storytelling. He described Sheridan as a "terrific, class act" and a "brilliant writer." Stallone expressed his admiration for Sheridan's ability to write complex characters and gritty, realistic dialogue.

Furthermore, Stallone hinted at the possibility of a crossover between "Tulsa King" and Yellowstone. He revealed that he and Sheridan have discussed the idea of connecting the two projects, as they share a similar theme and take place in adjacent time periods. Stallone expressed enthusiasm about the potential crossover, noting that it would be an exciting concept for fans of both shows.

Stallone also touched on his admiration for the success of Yellowstone, describing it as "breathtaking." He praised the show's writing, acting, and the authenticity it brings to the Western genre. Stallone expressed his desire to work with the Yellowstone cast and crew, highlighting his appreciation for Sheridan's storytelling style and the show's compelling characters.

In conclusion, Sylvester Stallone discussed his upcoming project, "Tulsa King," and his collaboration with Taylor Sheridan. He expressed his excitement for the series and its portrayal of the American heartland. Stallone hinted at a potential Yellowstone crossover, noting the similarities between the two projects and expressing his interest in working with the Yellowstone team. Overall, Stallone's enthusiasm and admiration for his fellow collaborators were evident throughout the interview.

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