'FRIENDS' Creator Hates Brad Pitt Episode With Jennifer Aniston And Claims She’s Surprised She Was Allowed To Do That!

Who doesn’t remember the episode with Brad Pitt! Starring the Hollywood star as a certified hater of his real life wife was indeed a smart move, and the result was hilarious. However, in retrospect, one of the show’s writers, Marta Kauffman doesn’t think that the episode was a good decision. Even though, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s onscreen hateful chemistry are quite on-point, Kauffman regrets the making of ‘The one with the Rumor’

Marta Kauffman regrets Brad Pitt episode

Over the 10 seasons that aired, several celebrities made guest appearances on the show, big names like Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Bruce Willis, and the list goes on.  is perhaps one of the biggest name on those lists, and he stood out even more because he was married to  at the moment. He definitely did something right in the episode titled ‘The one with the Rumor’, as his performance got him an Emmy nomination.

He played the character of Will Colbert, Ross Geller’s high school friend, who co-founded the ‘I hate Rachel’ club along with Ross.

The club’s itinerary being bringing down the queen bee Rachel Green, the duo started a rumor to besmirch her reputation. And the rumor was that Rachel was a hermaphrodite.

And using the term as the subject of a joke and something to be ashamed of did go on to hurt the sentiments of the intersex community.  once claimed in an interview with that she immensely laments adding such detail to the episode. She said,

“I might not have done the hermaphrodite stuff today if I had that to do over in the one with Brad Pitt.”

However, that was not the only problematic depiction in the 236-episodes-long show.

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